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Optics and Vision Science (OCV)

- Group composition

Effective members:

Alberto Diaz Rey MD PhD, Assistant professor

Ana Pinho PhD, Research and Teaching Assistant

António Baptista PhD, Assistant Professor

António Queirós PhD, Assistant professor

Filipe Costa PhD, Assistant professor

Filipe Macedo PhD, Assistant professor

Jorge Jorge PhD, Assistant professor

José Meijome PhD, Associated professor with Habilitation

Madalena Lira PhD, Assistant professor

Sandra Franco PhD, Assistant professor

Sérgio Nascimento PhD, Associate professor with Habilitation

João Linhares – PhD, Assistant Professor

Associate members:

Borges de Almeida – Retired Full professor

Vasco de Almeida – Assistant professor at UBI


Paulo Rodrigues Botelho Fernandes Pos Doc (since November)

Ph.D and Other Research Students:

Zita Esteves, PhD student

Miguel Ribeiro, PhD student

Alberto Manuel, PhD student

Kishor Sapktota, PhD student

Helena Neves, PhD student

Sofia Matos, research assistant (BI)


- Research

Work in progress on the characterization of preferred illuminant spectrum for artistic paints and determination of the number of perceived colours for normal and dichromat observers. The prototype for an optical corneal tomograph has been initiated. Work in progress on the degradation of contact lenses and visual quality, leading to four PhD theses in the past year.

- Photos of laboratories and research materials

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Spectral analysis of a natural scene

Optical corneal tomography setup

- Recent papers

Papers inserted in RepositoriUM

- Group site


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