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Colóquios do Centro de Física - "Electronics at the atomic scale"
Auditório da Escola de Ciências, Campus de Gualtar, Braga quarta-feira, 15-05-2013

Orador: Joaquin Fernandez-Rossier, INL - Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. A sessão terá início pelas 14h30.

  Colóquios do Centro de Física - "Electronics at the atomic scale"

In this Colloquium I will present a gentle introduction to a fascinating emerging research field, electronics at the atomic scale. The amazing progress in miniaturization of electronic devices, that has made it possible to double their performance very 18 months in the last 3 decades, has pushed the size of comercial transistors down to a few tens of nanometers. Next generation transistors, already fabricated in the lab, are so small that they can contain just a single dopant in the Silicon active region. This single atom controls the electrical transport properties of the entire device, and is an example of "single dopant device". Other single dopant devices are magnetometers based on a single Nitrogen-vacancy pair inside a diamond nanocrystal. Altogether with one atom thick crystals, such as graphene and other new two dimensional crystals, these systems illustrate how the atomic scale control over matter is opening new design possibilities for applications both in classical and quantum electronics, as well as an amazing set of tools to probe matter at the single atom scale and test the foundations of quantum mechanics thereby.

PhD in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (1999, Condensed Matter theory); Postdoc in UC San Diego and UT Austin (99-2003); Assistant Professor in Alicante (2003-2008); Associate Professor in Alicante (2008-present) (on leave); INL staff researcher (2011-present); Coauthor of more than 70 publications, including 14 PRL, 1 Nature. h=23.

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