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Computationla and Theoretical Physics (FCT)

- Group Members

Effective members:

-Marta Maria Duarte Ramos – Associate Professor with Habilitation

-Luís Silvino Alves Marques – Assistant Professor

PhD and Research students:

-Sergey Pyrlin - PhD student with Marie Curie grant

- Research

This group uses advanced computational techniques to study organic, inorganic and biological material properties and processes at different length scales to improve the performance of existing materials and to help the design of new materials for technological applications.


-   Labs and Materials/research areas

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Cluster of PCs Pentium IV with 60 CPUs

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Laboratory of Computational Physics


              Computational model used for modelling the influence of the nanostructure and molecular properties of a conducting polymer in the physical processes of charge injection, transport, trapping and recombination, involved in the functioning of a polymer light emitting diode (PLED).


- Recent papers

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