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 Centre of Physics of the University of Minho and Porto (CF-UM-UP)

 General Information


It is the mission of the Centre of Physics to conduct scientific research in Pure and Applied Physics and related areas as well as the training of post-graduate students.In the context of its research the Centre of Physics develops all the efforts to produce cutting edge scientific knowledge. The Centre of Physics is engaged in developing applications of its research results and seeks to strengthen its present cooperation as well as to establish new links with industrial partners.

 Research Facilities


The Centre of Physics has 33 research laboratories located in the Campi of Gualtar and Azurém. These laboratories encompass areas as diverse as computational simulations, ultra-fast and non-linear optics, characterization of the electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties ofmaterials, fabrication of nanomaterials, biophysics, optometry and vision sciences. The estimated value of the experimental and computational facilities is about 5M€, the human resources include more than 50 researchers with PhD (university teachers and full-time researchers), about 19 Post-Doctorate researchers , and some 50 PhD students and also a number of research students with short-term fellowships.

 Ongoing Research Projects

 Some Images from our Research Reality

Areaas of Research

Major Research Fields:

Condensed Matter Physics

Molecular Physics and Biophysics

Nanomaterials: Fabrication, Physics and Applications

Optometry and Vision Sciences

Strategic Research Lines:

(i) Assessment and enhancing visual performance,

(ii) Plasmonic, luminescent, magnetic and hybrid nanostructures for optoelectronic, biomedical and environmental applications,

(iii) Functional and smart materials and surfaces for advanced applications,

(iv) Quantum Physics and Fields in High Energy and Condensed Matter Theory (Cooperation with the Centre of Physics of Porto);

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Director: Professor Mikhail Vasilevsky
email: mikhail@fisica.uminho.pt, Campus de Gualtar, PT-4710 - 057 Braga, Portugal

Tel: +351 253604069 Fax: +351 253604061

Administrative services: Paula Cristina Antunes and Vítor Pacheco

centrodefisica@fisica.uminho.pt, Campus de Gualtar, PT-4710 - 057 Braga, Portugal

Tel: +351 253604060, Fax:+351 253604061

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